Lauren Ayers – Rock the Night

Houston, Texas
Certified Since 2021


  • Sleep Consultant

About Me

I’m Lauren Ayers, Founder of Rock the Night, where sleep is done right. I’m a certified graduate from the Institute of Pediatric Sleep & Parenting. I love helping parents get their sleep back by sharing personalized gentle methods to help their baby learn how to fall asleep independently. I have a medical background of 10 years, but decided to stay home with my kids after the twins were born. I am currently a SAHM to four children; 11 year old step-son, 4 year old son and 3 year old twin girls. My four year old was a breeze to sleep train. He was my text book baby. When the twins came along, is when I really started digging into the methods of how to get your child to sleep. I had been through the classes, I knew the sleep schedules, but I wanted to dig deeper on why the methods worked. That’s when I decided to get my certification. I know what it’s like to not get the sleep you deserve! I’ve been through it; and with twins. Sleep is such a vital part to our every day lives and I can not wait to help you get that back! Let’s connect to get you and your baby sleeping through the night!