Priscilla Lewis, CNSS – Tiny Dreamers

Certified Since 2022


  • Sleep Consultant
  • Newborn Sleep

About Me

Pediatric and Newborn Sleep Specialist My name is Priscilla Lewis, I am a mother of two amazing girls. Alessa, 5 years old and Julie 2 years old. I have a BA in Psychology and I have been working with families since 2022. I have had the opportunity of helping and accompanying more than 30 families, some of which have even return for further assistance or new babies. I really love helping families and encourage everyone to prioritize sleep and sleeping habits in their lives. I help you form tiny dreamers with personalized plans. I would always try to adapt to your family needs and my main focus is to help you and your baby get better sleep habits and a proper daytime and nighttime sleep schedule. I help you eliminate night time wakings and create a routine that will soothe and prepare your baby for sleeping.