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San Mateo, California
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About Me

I’m Jamie, the owner of Restore Sleep Coaching and a proud parent of 2, involved community member & trained and certified sleep consultant. I have always been passionate about sleep; in my younger days, this meant getting lots of sleep (don’t we all miss those days!) and as a parent, this translated to researching and trying many different sleep training methods on both my kids that helped turn them into (mostly) great sleepers. I believe that we all deserve rest and that teaching babies & toddlers independent sleep skills is one of the best “gifts” you can give your children. You are never too early or late to consider sleep training; I can work with soon-to-be parents to educate or parents of babies, toddlers or preschoolers to meet your child where they’re at and develop a customized sleep plan to meet their needs and goals. Schedule a FREE 20-minute Consultation today to learn more!