Sarah Cantin

Phoenix, Arizona
Certified Since 2023


  • Sleep Consultant

About Me

Hello! My name is Sarah Cantin, I'm a wife, mom, certified pediatric nurse, and certified pediatric sleep consultant. Over the years as a pediatric nurse I have grown to love the art and science of caring for little ones and their families. As a new mom, I found great solace in my postpartum journey, marriage, and overall sleep health when I learned how to care for my daughter's sleep. Learning how to respond and care for my baby's sleep gave me confidence. I felt like I started to get my life back again. It not only allowed me to get back to sleeping, but it gave me insight on how to read and respond to her needs. After discovering the freedom sleep training brought me, I decided I wanted to share it myself as a pediatric sleep consultant. If you would love to find freedom through sleep training please click the "get back to sleep" tab located on my website's homepage or email me at I want to help you and your family get back to sleep, find your independence, and reap all the benefits of good sleep health again!