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About Me

I’m a fire wife who lives in southern California with my husband and (very busy) toddler + a baby on the way! I am a certified pediatric sleep consultant and sleep science coach who works with families nationwide. I founded SPB because I struggled with the reality of newborn and infant sleep, that it caused much undiagnosed post-partum anxiety and stress. When my son was born, my husband was gone at the fire station and would come home sleep deprived, on top of that I could not get my son to sleep and my reality quickly became obsessive over researching and creating my own sleep techniques to help my baby sleep, rather than the bonding experience every mom should have. My mama intuition was to say no to letting him cry all night in hopes he would “self-soothe” him to sleep. After trying some of the popular sleep training methods, he still didn’t sleep. I found what worked for us a family and my son and he slept 12 hours within the first 3 days of altering my methods after research and backing my approach by science and intuition. I use a tailored approach to find the root cause to each family’s needs and style, sleep is not a one size fits all. My goal is to ensure you and your baby are comfortable, so that a consistent sleep routine and better nights sleep is achieved. After I made it out the first year, I knew I wanted to help other families, so that they can ditch the stress around sleep. My passion is to help families feel well rested all around and get full nights sleep.