The Baby Whisperer – Certified and Licensed Sleep & Potty Consultant

Abu Dhabi
Certified Since 2023


  • Potty Training Consultant
  • Special Needs

About Me

I have been where you are - tired, exhausted and feeling like I'm failing at the one dream I had since I was a little girl - being a mom. Although it was tougher than I thought, I did not want to fail my little boy or the little girl in me and resorted to embarking on this Gentle journey to ensure every mom receives the information and support she needs in: Sleep, Prenatal, Lactation and Potty training for her little one. I am no stranger to what exhaustion and sleep deprivation can do to a parent. Having gone through it, I fully understand when parents take irrational decisions just to get through the night. That's where my role begins by providing Gentle Sleep Solutions tailor-made to teach your little one the skill to put themselves to sleep independently and to reach your bigger family's goals without compromising on your family values. Fast forward to today, I have a baby who enjoys full nights of sleep, and I have the rest I need to keep moving. And because everyone deserves good nights of sound, restful sleep, The Baby Whisperer provides solutions and packages that work for everyone while respecting every family's budget and needs. As a mom who's always on the go and travels as often as diaper changes, I particularly help ex-pat parents who suffer from jet-lagged babies, time difference sleep adjustments and travel assistance to ensure every trip goes as smoothly as possible and one-to-remember. To ensure that I provide the best 360-support any parent would need, I have embarked on continuing my education to become a Childbirth Educator, Lactation Counceller and a Potty Trainer too. I wanted to make sure that as a tired parent you do not need to go searching for information but can find everything you need under one roof. Before founding The Baby Whisperer and baby coaching, I worked in marketing and advertising for 12 years. I earned a bachelor's degree from the American University of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates. With my vast experience in communication, I understand the importance of proper and simple communication, which will help me make this process as easy as possible for you. As a traveler, my time is mostly spent in the United Arab Emirates, Romania and Lebanon. However, with the assistance of the virtual and online world, I can assist and support families across the globe and specifically within the Middle East and Arab Peninsula areas.