Lydia Harden

Boston, MA
Certified Since 2021


  • Sleep Consultant

About Me

I’m Lydia Harden, Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant, Certified Newborn Care Specialist, and founder of Slumberly.  At Slumberly we work with families who vary greatly in their need for sleep training; from the families who are completely new to sleep training, to the families who have tried every method to get their little one sleeping through the night, but nothing has worked. What do these families have in common? They know how important sleep is for their baby’s development. They want to move from simply surviving to fully thriving. They were able to ask for help when they needed it most. What sets us apart from other sleep coaching solutions? All our services, both virtual and in-person, provide you with UNLIMITED, OVERNIGHT support throughout the sleep training process because we know how crucial it is to have questions answered as they arise, even at 3:00 am when you want to give up! At Slumberly, we believe that sleep deprivation should not be an accepted part of childrearing. Parents not only deserve sleep, they need sleep in order to show up fully in all areas of their lives - for their children, for their partner, for their work, for themselves. For children, sleep is the cornerstone of optimal brain development, physical growth, and emotion regulation. Sadly, research shows that sleep deprivation is all too common among young children; I know from experience that many children don’t just “figure out” how to sleep on their own. Many need to be taught how to sleep through the night. That’s where we come in. With the Slumberly Method, I teach your baby to sleep through the night with the ultimate goal of helping your family live each day fully present. Your family deserves to thrive!