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Reprinted with the permission of the graduates and unedited except for grammatical errors/clarity

When searching for a program – I wanted one that blew me away. I knew if I was going to spend the time and money to give this my all… I wanted the best! My husband and I are both low-income teachers but knew I didn’t want to choose a program just based on the price. I wanted to learn and become the best consultant and I can be! I am so happy with my choice!!! 

This was a fantastic program! I feel prepared and ready for this journey! I feel confident to help parents and answer questions that come my way. I truly feel like I have so many options and knowledge to troubleshoot any issue that pops up. If I am stuck, I feel comforted that I have a community of support behind me always! This has been a fantastic experience!!!

Connie Schreffler

Consistent Sleep by Connie

I can’t say enough great things about IPSP. Violet did an amazing job delivery a easy to follow, at your own pace and more importantly, a very informative course. I would recommend this course to anyone that is interested in becoming a Pediatric Sleep Consultant! I can’t wait to start my new chapter and start my new career helping families!

Amanda Wilkinson

This course is worth the money! The layout is easy to follow, the quizzes & case studies keep you on your toes, the material (and links to different areas) are all current and I like having the library files for references.

I looked at different courses before deciding on IPSP, I felt the communication with Violet was clear and not pushy, all the different methods of sleep training are covered in great detail, I feel confident working with new families and I believe if I have questions or concerns, I can reach out to IPSP for guidance. Also, there are no annual fees!

Ita Walsh

It is a great course, with very good information. I like that you can continue having access to it after you finish your studies. IPSP is very professional and has a great community for helping you after you finish with any difficulties or a specific case you need help with. I think I learned a lot, and I am very excited to start my business.

Carolina Trujillo Pelaez

institute of pediatric sleep and parenting reviews
institute of pediatric sleep and parenting reviews
institute of pediatric sleep and parenting reviews
institute of pediatric sleep and parenting reviews
best sleep consultant certification

I had an amazing experience with IPSP Consultant training course. I loved how detailed lessons are and that there are many assignments throughout that prepared me for different scenarios that I might run into with families. I really appreciated having section with referrals for companies that create website and other needed things to start up business.

IPSP course really was standing out with 6 month mentorship offer after graduation and having lessons in the course on how to start a business. That was something that helped me make the decision to take this course.

Tanja Mrdak

When I started the course, I had worked with kids for over a decade as a nanny – learned a lot, did a lot of things intuitively. Let me tell you, I learned a TON throughout this course. Violet laid out everything very thoroughly, in an organized manner. The course is extremely detailed – from the very first lesson, you dive into the science of sleep, then to sleep training rules. methods and you and it with practical advice on how to run your business. Great job Violet!

Aleksandra Banasik

The Real Baby World

The program is comprehensive, easy to understand and covers the different age-related issues on how to handle them. Each module is structured in very clear formats so that I am able to extract relevant information easily for sleep training clients. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking to become a certified sleep consultant.

I like the self-paced lessons as I am a busy parent and am unable to spend time on weekly sessions which are time-consuming. The team at IPSP replies within a day and they are very responsive and helpful in answering my questions. So I feel very comfortable working with them to obtain my certification.

Jane Anderson

Counting Sheep

It is a really big and good course. I love this course so much, and I can’t wait to purchase the next one. Everyone knows IPSP and recognizes the badge. I just love it. So easy to understand, my first language is not English 🙂 Also the support of the instructors, was unbelievably great. THANK YOU 

Angela van Schaijk

The IPSP program came highly recommended to me from another certified sleep consultant. It is well written and easy to follow. I feel confident starting my sleep consultant business with the information that was provided in this course.

Lauren Ketting-Olivier

Tiny Stars Sleep

The course is ideal because you can totally complete it from home and at your own pace. Also, it teaches you different sleep training techniques, which is awesome. Some of the other certifications I checked before making a decision would only stick to one method. I also liked that it was taught by a Registered Nurse.


My experience with IPSP Sleep certification was awesome! I felt well equipped to get out there and start helping families just like my own achieve better sleep. As I have questions the support of Violet and also the IPSP Facebook group has been especially helpful.

Christine Weeks

It’s a complete course. I’ve learned so much over the last few weeks and I’m confident to start with real clients. It also met my expectations of the kind of coach I want to be (gentle, no cry-it-out). The value for money is great with IPSP.
Hanneke Vermoolen

This was the only course I found offered, that has an actual instructor in the medical field. My experience with the training course was great. I really liked the fact that you can work at your own pace. The information laid out in the course was very thorough but still written in a way that was easy to understand. Violet was quick to answer questions and very helpful.

Sjonea Kassinger

I liked that Violet was a registered nurse and that she also offered help with “how to” start a sleep consultant business. This course was laid out in an approachable and easy to read format.

Kierstin DeRosier

Calming Roots

I love that I could do this course at my own pace as I have 4 young children & just had my 5th. The course was easy to follow & responses to my questions were answered in a timely manner. I also loved the affordable payment plan.


I chose this program because of the trajectory and experience of Violet. It was an amazing experience, I learned more than I expected. It is a complete program with research and accurate information. 

Valeria Alfaro

Tiny Dreamers

I loved studying at the IPSP!! The flexibility it provided allowed me to studying while at home raising my 5 month old. Couldn’t recommend this course more!!

Isabel Guidon

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