Should You Earn a Baby Sign Language Certification?

baby sign language certification

Should You Earn a Baby Sign Language Certification?


Here’s What You Need to Know


If you haven’t heard of infant and preschool sign language, it’s time to get in on this amazing learning tool. Babies and toddlers who sign can communicate better. And a baby sign language certification gives your budding business credibility.

The call for baby sign language teachers is growing. And if you choose an amazing school, you can learn this skill on your own time.

That’s why I developed my Baby Sign Language Educator course. Here’s what you need to know about your amazing future career, plus how to know you’re getting the courses you need.

Is a Baby Sign Language Certification For You?

I’ve talked to all my students one-on one. And in our conversations via Zoom or text, they say they chose becoming baby sign language certified for these reasons:

  • They have a strong desire to make a positive difference in families’ lives.
  • They love working with children.
  • They are parents themselves, and are seeking a flexible, work-from-home career.
  • They’re consultants in other areas (for instance, potty training or infant sleep), and they want to expand their services.
  • They love the freedom of having a high-paying career that they can fit into their own schedule.
  • They’re caregivers and want to better serve the babies and toddlers in their care.

You may have your own reasons. Whatever it is that calls you to this amazing line of work, you can achieve your certification…and it’s easier than you think.

How Sign Language Helps Youngsters

Sign language isn’t only for the hearing impaired. It has a few major benefits for families. These can include:

  • Improving the bond between caretaker and child. (This has been scientifically observed.)
  • Reduces frustration that happens when a baby can’t communicate what they need by talking.
  • Is a great tool for children with expressive language disorder.
  • Is a great tool for autistic children or for babies who have a condition that does not allow them to be adequately verbal.
  • Helps increase the bond between Baby and their caretaker, as they are sharing communication down to the emotional level.

How to Become Baby Sign Language Certified

I developed my comprehensive baby sign language instructor course to give students the edge they need to become baby sign language educators.

I also kept in mind that (and this was true of me years ago, too!) that many adult students are working or have other commitments. That’s why my course offers flexibility. Take your classes when they fit into your schedule.

Here’s how to get started:

  • Sign up for a baby sign language course. I have developed mine with your schedule in mind.
  • Plan on when you will be able to attend your courses. Are you available in the daytime? Evenings? Certain days of the week? You want to plan out your classes, so you have the best chance of succeeding.
  • Make sure to speak up if you need additional help. Students can reach us by text or email to solve problems learning the material.
  • Have questions? Ask! I’m here to lead you in the right direction for success.

Is Earning a Baby Sleep Language Certification Expensive?

An infant sign language professional complete course should cost between $350-$700. If you come across a site making lots of promises about certification and charging tuition that’s much lower than this, you may be headed for a scam…watch out!

Ready, Get Set…Get Started!

My IPSP graduates LOVE being infant sign language educators. They tell me it’s a rewarding career, and that it affords them the flexibility and income to live the life they’ve dreamed.

Earning a baby sign language certification can be a game-changer for your career. You’ll work around your other commitments and get the downtime you need. And you’ll be making families better communicators — one hand sign at a time.


Dreaming of Running Your Own Baby Sign Language Workshops?




You can have your certification and all materials to run your first class (virtually or in person) by next week! 





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