The Life of a Baby Sleep Consultant

life of a baby sleep consultant


A Day in the Life of a Baby Sleep Consultant

I’m often asked what a day in the life of a baby sleep consultant is like. Do I really have freedom to include downtime? How long do Zoom calls take? And of course, do I ever sit on my couch in my jeans for client sessions?

The answers to the above are, in order: yes, a pre-chosen time, and of course! But I wanted to make sure my graduates were having the same experience I had. So I sent out a randomly-selected questionnaire.

I chose one set of answers that seemed to represent the general population of IPSP graduates. They did vary; one great thing about being a baby sleep consultant is that you can live the life you want while working.

You Can Make Your Career Your Own

Keep in mind that you’ll be able to make a life of your own. That’s one of the best things about this amazing career!

Meanwhile, here* is a day in the life of one of our many successful graduates. I chose it not only because it was representative of IPSP graduates, but because I loved the writing style.


*Reprinted with the permission of the student and unedited except for grammatical errors/clarity.


One Day in the Life of a Baby Sleep Consultant:

IPSP Graduate Lu’s Day


7:15 AM

Got Haley up. It’s an even day so she starts earlier and I pick her up early. Had breakfast, got dressed, packed backpack, all the good stuff.

7:50 AM

Dropped Haley off at school. Texted client in the car (not driving! Don’t worry, Violet!) to confirm that we’re on for 10:00. Did not hear back from my 2nd client yet, will follow up.

8:12 AM

Put in a 2X load of laundry (hope this log is as exciting for you as it is for me). Took a loooong bath because I’m still not over my shoulder issue yet. It definitely helped.

9:05 AM

Double-checked to make sure I have my clients’ (2 today) sleep logs. My second client (mentioned above) hasn’t completed hers. Made a note to mention that and get her up to speed.

9:43 AM

John texted me: he can’t get Haley from school because he has a client meeting (face-to-face). He always has my back so I have his and I told him it will be no problem. I may need to switch my client’s session to a 30-minute session instead of 60. I wouldn’t do that with everyone, but this is a long-term client. Can make up the time during the week.

10:04 AM

Zoom with client #1. Successful. Noah is doing great! He was a late bloomer (going on 6 mths.) but he’s making up for lost time. They just had their first sleep-through-the-night.

10:57 AM

School. I’m trying to expand my business so I’m going for a baby sign language certification.

11:30 AM

Client #2. Whew. I don’t usually schedule two clients close together on a school day. This is what worked out for my clients and I didn’t know John wouldn’t be able to pick up Haley. But it’s all good. I have to say I do like the flexibility. That was one of the reasons I chose baby sleep consulting.

12:12 PM

Yay — Becca was able to start our session a little early. That really frees everything up as I won’t have to schedule a 30-minute later on. Pretty good session. This is her 3rd and he’s adorable, but he really doesn’t like being put down. I mean…really doesn’t like it! But things are moving right along.

12:59 PM

Cutting it close b/c I wanted to do a few things around the house. Picked up Haley and we had lunch at Domenico’s. I can’t believe how she can eat, especially after a school day. She’s super healthy, she burns everything up as soon as it goes into her mouth. Want to switch, Haley?

2:15 PM

I have the rest of the day off. Wasted a ton of time on TikTok because why not. Then had a long talk w/Haley about a friend at school who swears. (I knew that eventually had to happen.)  It was such a relaxing afternoon. We just lounged around and were girl pals. Fun fun!

4:40 PM

FaceTime coffee with Jill. I do NOT want to pick our bridesmaid dresses, somebody send help, LOL. But…we’re on for Sat.

5:04 PM

Caught up on some invoicing while watching No Hard Feelings. (Sidetrack commentary here: so underrated!). Checked FB, IG, TikTok. Answered a few questions, which is good. This is why I want to expand to related areas. There is such a huge call for consulting from parents in need right now.

5:45 PM

Laundry. No comment. (Well…at least everything smells good right now.)

6:35 PM

Dinner. Easy peasy lemon squeezy, heated up our leftovers from lunch.

8:00 PM

Bath, book and bed routine and this bod got into pjs and in front of Netflix. Great day all around!


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